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Current Issues

Points for Public Meetings on Knik River Public Use Area;

The bill as introduced guarantees equal access for everyone – That is all it does. 

 1.  Motorized users have been the largest majority of users of the area for years.
2.  The area has been used just the way it is for years with no appreciable decrease in wildlife habitat.

3.  The Knik River valley is the only area in Anchorage MatSu for learning to use OHVs in a safe environment.

4.  Enforcement of existing laws will be required under any plan, under the bills as written – that is the only additional cost.

5.  This bill as written guarantees that families will be able to enjoy the whole area, young and old, disabled and athletic alike.

6.  Becoming a destination for motorized tours is the only economically viable tourism option.  

7. Any restrictions will reduce the number of users – reducing the amount of money coming into the community.

8. Current, unrestricted use allows all families the chance to get together while allowing all activities for all ages.  Restrictions will reduce the number of activities, reducing the enjoyment of quality time for families.

9.  Any other plan will cost the taxpayers money; for more and more studies.  Where will the money be going?

10. The bill as written does not preclude improvement of existing trails, just precludes their closure.

11. We have enough State and National Parks and other protected areas for the people who believe that they are the only ones who can use the area.

12. The majority of Alaskans use motorized transportation to enjoy other activities.  The numbers are rising as the median age rises and the amount of available recreation time decreases.

13. We don’t need recreational use studies like the ones referenced in the Coastal Management Plan. 

14.  Agencies look at the recreational activities (berry picking, picnicking, hunting etc.)  not the means and tools used to accomplish them.  Apparently we haul OHVs and boats around and never take them off the trailers.